How does our filter work?

Software packaged web filters such as CyberPatrol, CyberSitter, and Net Nanny, have a very large database of "offensive" sites. If you try to access these sites you will get blocked because your web access is filtered by web address. Because the web is a fast changing place, even large web search engines such as Google or Altavista or Yahoo cannot maintain any control over what is out there. This makes filtering by web address (URL) difficult as sites change and new ones come up all the time. It is impossible to have comprehensive filtering if only URLs are evaluated. What is needed is something to check every page you or your children ever access for 'bad' subjects such as drugs, profanities, hate, pornography, etc., and disallow it if it's not suitable. This is called 'Content Filtering'. It filters the actual content of pages based on many methods including phrase matching, PICS filtering and URL filtering.

Our filtering is "Server Based," not computer software; therefore, there is no need for our customers install anything on their computer or to continuously update their software.  Familyfiltered has the best filtering solution.  It uses a combination of URL filtering, Keyword filtering, and dynamic content filtering.   URL filtering is where a particular URL or domain name is identified and/or categorized as an objectionable site. Keyword filtering is where certain words and phrases are used to trigger the blocking of web sites.   Such words might include "sex", "XXX", "porn", "gambling", etc.   Dynamic content filtering is where each web site's content is evaluated immediately before it is displayed.   Dynamic content filtering can use a number of ways to evaluate content; object analysis, keyword analysis, source of objects, link analysis, and image recognition.'s filtering cannot be turned-off or bypassed, except by authorized users who choose the option of "voluntary" filtering.  For flexibility, those who choose the "voluntary" option can control the level of security at the computer level.

Choose from:

Enforced Filtering   This filter option comes with our dial up service only.  This is not software that loads on to your computer, it is controlled on the server end. We upload the latest blacklists on a monthly basis.  Subscribing to this service prevents any manipulation of controls on behalf of the end user.  Your browser will only view appropriate and approved sites.  If you cannot access a site that you know is innocent, please email us at and we will whitelist it for you.  This is an excellent choice for those with teenagers who are very computer savvy and can usually get around other filter products.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-866-355-8897 and we will do all we can to help.  Please note that if you choose this filter option, and you remove the settings from your browser, you will no longer be able to browse websites.

Voluntary Filtering   This filter option is available with our dial up service, or if you already subscribe to DSL or Cable, you can also have this feature. You may also receive voluntary filtering at a discount if you join our DSL plan. The filter service is the same, except controls are available on the computer level.  This is convenient for users who do not want to load software on to their computer, but still want the comfort of knowing they will not be viewing offensive sites. Because the service is proxy based, we update our blacklists monthly and you never have to upload new versions.  After subscribing to the voluntary filter and assigned a username and password, you would enter the settings into your browser connections page.  From that point, all websites that your browser attempts to access will be routed through our filter.  The site will be scanned for content and if allowable will be available for viewing.  This is a great service for young children and adults that choose to have an enjoyable Internet experience without worry.

Filter only: (for those who already subscribe to DSL or Cable)  Voluntary Filtering is available as a standalone or at a discounted monthly rate with our DSL plan.



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