IFSIS offers a new solution to your web site design needs. 

NetCreator © is a Website Builder Product offered by IFSIS.com. With the World Wide Web now at our fingertips, sharing information, whether it is for advertising our business or simply sharing our lives with distant loved ones, is becoming more of a necessity. Professional web design can be very expensive, and while we all aspire to create our own websites, we are sometimes limited by our abilities.To date, most websites designed by the average person are created with applications such as FrontPage® or Cool Page®, but still require specialized skills.

We at IFSIS have identified these potential limitations of Web Builder products in the marketplace and are proud to offer NetCreator© designed to make building a customized website affordable and easy.

It is simple to use. The site you are currently viewing was created with NetCreator ©and literally took a few hours to build (the text took more time to compile than constructing the site). It is browser-based which means you can use it online without having to download any software. NetCreator © with over 10,000 professional templates and HTML-free wizards is available in four affordable packages each with different sets of features available, and they can be upgraded at any time:

Features include:

  • Entirely web-based functionality that eliminates the need for update downloads or patch installations.
  • A simple, cross-browser WYSIWYG interface that allows users to create professional, feature-rich websites without any prior HTML experience. Users, through a page editor, can create forms, tables, lists and more with the click of a button.
  • More than 10,000 templates, divided into theme-related categories including business themes, special occasions and professional services allowing you to create a unique look and feel for your site.
  • An advanced tool that lets you create your own animations, complete with music and on-screen messages.
  • A powerful link wizard that allows users to design in-depth site architectures and linking structures without having to learn how to program.
  • A page editor and shop wizard that allows e-commerce functionality to be set up in a matter of minutes.
  • Many easy to use extras to spice up your site such as add-on "goodies" for customer websites, including Google search boxes, a Yahoo!
  • Messenger status feature, language translation capabilities, hit counters and more.
  • The ability to create photo albums, guest books and sample content templates.
  • Unique page templates that allow you to build page layouts or publish a resume in minutes.
  • Interactive forms that let you collect information easily from your website visitors.
  • Help available at virtually every step of the design process.
  • Monthly updates with new tools and templates to update your site.
  • Easy to use Flash editor for the site's front page.

NetCreator © products are designed to cover nearly every type of web page conceivable and are described below:

Business Card Website: A basic, one-page package for customers in need of a small website.

Personal Website: For individuals seeking a more established presence. Features include a site creation, wizard, image editor, photo album and sample content pages.

Small Business Website: Includes a custom form creator, Flash animation editor, maps, driving directions and all the features of a personal website.

E-Commerce Website: For individuals or companies that wish to build an online storefront.




For those who host a website with us, NetCreator © is FREE.  We can also design a site for you!  Email us for a free quote.



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